Monitoring of exchangers

We offer favorable conditions of cooperation for the services that are engaged in the exchange of virtual money. courses export file – see link below:

On the resource referral program operates, consisting of two layers. Its members receive income not only on transactions made by the user invited. But also due to the participant, attract referrals.

The remuneration of the partner is calculated depending on the level. Thus, if the user belongs to the first referral level, it has invited participant gets * 0.6% of turnover. While the second level involves the payment of income in the amount of 0.2% *.

However, when determining the compensation is not taken into account transactions by which the resource does not receive income. They bear the name of the exchange with an additional charge. Moreover, additional funding brings the exchanger.

To start earning with us you need to be registered as a partner. In a private office each newcomer expect promotional materials, as well as links to invite new members.

Referral fees are not charged if the exchange service makes a profit of less than 0.6%.

can be deduced referral charges, if the inviter 5 or more referrals. Also, each of referrals 5 must be at least one successful application.

Information for partners

Become a partner can any internet user. To do this, we need only to register. After this newfound partner gains access to marketing materials and referral link through which he can attract new users.

Partner may use more than twenty banners of different sizes at its own discretion. They need to be placed on various Internet sites. For its part, the service unicash.pro guarantee the best conditions of service of new participants in the system.

Size profit partners is determined by the level of referral:

  • f the user belongs to the first level, then it invited participant receives 0.6% of the amount of exchange;
  • amount of gain of the second referral level is 0.2%.

Compensation is not charged if the transaction involves a charge, or with the negative profit which is held resource exchange. Requests for referral payments are processed within 48 hours.

Be warned, it is forbidden to use your referral link for creating new accounts with the same user, as well as, to use mass messages to promote your referral link and promotional materials on the pyramids, HYIPs, Books, surfing and similar sites. Site Administration reserves the right to cancel the bonuses partner or freeze it at the expense of violating the terms of the Partner Program.

Features of the system of discounts

UniCash.pro developed a system of discounts, which is cumulative. Its value is determined by the total amount of transactions made by a party for all the period of the resource. Immediately after the start of each new registered user receives a discount of 0.05%. In the future, the greater the volume of operations performed, the better the discount becomes a participant. The size and category of cumulative discount in the table below. * To receive the discount, you must be logged in before the start of the exchange.

From Before Percent
0 300 0.05%
300 500 0.06%
500 1000 0.07%
1000 2000 0.08%
2000 3000 0.09%
3000 5000 0.1%
5000 10000 0.11%
10000 0.12%

*The calculation of the accumulative system is conducted in US dollars

*Terms and conditions of remuneration in the referral program may eventually be revised service administration.

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