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Exchange monitoring

We offer favorable terms of cooperation for services that are engaged in the exchange of virtual money. Course export file - link below:

The resource has a referral program consisting of two levels. Its participants receive income not only from the operations performed by the invited user. But also at the expense of the participant attracted by the referral.

The partner's reward is calculated depending on the level. So, if the user belongs to the referral of the first level, then the participant who invited him is charged * 0.6% of the turnover. While the second level involves the payment of income in the amount of * 0.2%.

But, when determining the remuneration, operations from which the resource does not receive income are not taken into account. They are called exchange with a surcharge. Moreover, the exchanger contributes additional funds.

To start earning with us, you need to register as a partner. In the personal account of each newcomer, promotional materials are expected, as well as links for inviting new members. Referral rewards are not accrued if the exchange service makes a profit of less than 0.6%. Referral accruals can be withdrawn if the inviter has 5 or more referrals. Also, each of the 5 referrals must have at least one successful application.

Information for partners

Any Internet user can become a partner. To do this, you just need to go through the registration procedure. After that, the newly minted partner gets access to promotional materials and a referral link, with which he can attract new users.

The partner can use more than twenty banners of various sizes at his own discretion. They need to be placed on different Internet sites. For its part, the service guarantees the best conditions for servicing new members of the system.

The amount of partners' profit is determined depending on the level of the referral:

  • if the user belongs to the first level, then the participant who invited him receives 0.6% of the exchange amount;
  • the amount of profit from the referral of the second level is 0.2%
  • the amount of profit from a second level referral is 0.2%

The remuneration is not charged if the operation involves an additional payment, or with a minus profit, which is carried out by the exchange resource. Applications for referral payments are processed within 48 hours.

We warn you that it is forbidden, to use your referral link to create new accounts by the same user, as well as use mass messaging to promote your referral link and promotional materials on pyramids, HYIPs, boxes, surfs and similar sites. The site administration has the right to cancel the partner's bonuses or freeze his account in case of violation of the conditions of the Affiliate Program.